Heavy Bike Price in Pakistan | Rs: 500,000 | Full Specifications & Review

Are you considering to purchase a Heavy Bike in Pakistan but are worried about the heavy bike price in Pakistan? We will examine the heavy bike market in Pakistan in this post, including information on current costs, product reviews, and the Pros and Cons of well-liked models.

Making an informed choice while buying a heavy bike depends on a number of elements, including battery life, performance capabilities, memory capacity, and design aesthetics. Knowing these features will enable you to choose the heavy bike that most closely matches your requirements and tastes.

If you have the funds, you may easily purchase a number of vintage heavy bikes in Pakistan from the list we’ve compiled heavy bike Price in Pakistan in this post.

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Heavy Bike Reviews

You may find out how much heavy bike price in Pakistan by reading this post. These bikes are designed with youth in mind. The heavy bike should be your first choice if you are in desperate need of a bike that meets all of your riding, style, and enjoyment criteria.
Many companies sell large motorcycles with excellent features and characteristics. Furthermore, there is a large disparity in pricing because certain manufacturers provide exceptional functionality and fuel efficiency, while others focus solely on aesthetics and leave out any extras.



Power and performance: Strong engines and outstanding on-road performance are two characteristics of heavy bikes.

Maneuverability: It can be challenging to manoeuvre large bikes, particularly in confined locations or during peak traffic.

Stability: A large bike's weight can help with stability, particularly on extended rides and at high speeds.

Fuel consumption: Heavy bikes often use more fuel than their lighter counterparts because of their powerful engines.

Durability: Heavy motorcycles are long-lasting and able to withstand tough terrain because of their solid structure.

Cost: The initial cost of purchasing and upkeep for heavy bikes is typically higher.

Style: Whenever you ride a heavy bike, people will notice your distinctive and appealing design.

Weight: Riding a hefty bike can be difficult, especially for inexperienced riders or when parking.

Top Heavy Bikes in Pakistan

YBR 125 (Yamaha)  | PKR: 466,000

YBR 125 (Yamaha)

                         YBR 125 (Yamaha)

Yamaha heavy bikes are prestigious for their uncommon presentation and premium parts. One of the heavier bikes in Pakistan is the Yamaha YBR 125. The producer of this sportbike is Yamaha Engines. On account of its exceptional characteristics, it is viewed as the best games heavy bike in Pakistan


  • ABS traction control is installed for the best possible road performance.
  • A fuel indication is also included.
  • A chic digital speedometer is also included.
  • The seat height is a comfortable 755mm, making it wide.
  • The gearbox is a 5-speed unit.
  • Its wheels are made of alloy.
  • The fuel tank on this bike holds 13 litres.
  • PKR: 466,000

CBR 500 (Honda)  | PKR 1250,000 

CBR 500 (Honda)

                           CBR 500 (Honda)

One of the top producers of heavy bikes in Pakistan is Honda. The CBR 500R sportbike from Honda is delivered in Japan. The Honda heavy bikes make voyaging both short and significant distances a breeze.It is unquestionably a substantial sporting bike that exudes value.


  • It has eye-catching LED twin headlights and a strong six-speed gearbox.
  • An engine diagnostic indicator light comes on.
  • Its 471cc engine and 4.1-gallon petrol capacity make it the perfect vehicle for riders.
  • lifetime warranty.
  • It has an array of colours.
  • PKR 1250,000 

M800 (Suzuki Intruder)  | PKR 17 00,000

M800 (Suzuki Intruder)

     M800 (Suzuki Intruder)

The Suzuki Intruder is a well known vehicle. The Suzuki Intruder is fabricated by the notable organization Suzuki. The Suzuki Intruder is likewise one of those bicycles with a fantastic body and different traits that will raise it to the situation with one of the best made.


  • The intruder has a maximum power of 123 horsepower, a dual throttle valve, and a 19.5-liter fuel capacity in the bike.
  • Its ground clearance measures 140 mm.
  • Its body is lovely and small.
  • Its features include a four-stroke, two-cylinder 450 V-Twin engine, a tubular steel frame, a top speed of 120 mph, the newest digital fuel injection system, dual lenses and a brilliantly coloured brake indication, and a long wheelbase that makes long rides comfortable.
  • PKR 17 00,000

ZX- 14R (Kawasaki Ninja)

ZX- 14R (Kawasaki Ninja)

                        ZX- 14R (Kawasaki Ninja)

Among the world best heavy bikes is the Kawasaki Ninja. Aheavy bikes made by the Japanese firm Kawasaki is the Ninja ZX-14R. It is the most ideal heavy bikes that anyone could hope to find, with an unbelievable measure of highlights and comforts.


  • It features ABS traction control and a speedometer.
  • It contains a low battery indicator, a fuel gauge, and a fuel warning signal.
  • The gearbox is a 6-speed unit.
  • It sports twin disc brakes and alloy wheels.
  • It has a fuel warning light and a fuel gauge.
  • This bike uses fuel efficiently—18 km/l.
  • Riding with the power of 10500 RPM is too fast.
  • PKR 1,105,700.

SUZUKI GR -150  | PKR 560,000


An entire line of 4-stroke street bikes, including the notable 150cc Suzuki GR 150 in Pakistan, were presented by Suzuki Engine Company under the GR series. At a fair value, this bicycle has a 150cc SOHC motor that is somewhat strong, a sharp dashboard, a round front light, an agreeable full seat, and a 5-speed gearbox. It likewise has an electronic beginning system.


  • With its 150cc engine, durable suspension, open gas tank, quick slowing mechanism, brilliant headlights, simple to-peruse instrument board and agreeable plan, the Suzuki GR 150 is a reliable motorbike.
  • It has a maximum speed, great speed increase, and a smooth ride on lopsided territory. As a result of its enormous gas tank, motorcyclists can travel further between fill-ups.
  • In light of everything, it’s a trustworthy riding sidekick.
  • PKR 560,000

Heavy Bikes Price in Pakistan

The top-heavy bike price in Pakistan are displayed in the table below. Depending on the features each heavy bike model has, their prices vary. Stay tuned as we examine the heavy bike market in Pakistan, going into detail about the costs, features, and overall worth of the several models on the market. Choose wisely and ride in style with the ideal heavy bike that satisfies all of your needs.

Heavy Bikes

Price in Pakistan

YBR 125 (Yamaha) PKR 407,000
CBR 500 (Honda) PKR 1250000
M800 (Suzuki Intruder) Rs.1,700,000/
ZX – 14R (Kawasaki Ninja) Rs. 41,74,000/-
K 1200 S (BMW) PKR 15,80,000


Ultimately, the focus was on heavy bike price in Pakistan. Heavy bikes have disadvantages with regard to weight, cost, and manoeuvrability, but they also offer power, performance, and style. When purchasing a heavy bike, riders should carefully examine their riding needs and preferences. We hope that this information will be useful to you as you look for Pakistan’s best heavy bike.

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