Top 10 Lipsticks and Prices

Top 10 best-selling Lipsticks and Prices

Which brand of lipstick is good? Recommendations for the most popular lipstick brands

Lipstick is the general term for all lip cosmetics. The ancient Egyptians began to use lipstick as early as 5,000 years ago. Lipstick can not only make the lips more rosy and shiny, increase the beauty of the face, highlight the sexy and charming temperament of women, but also It has the effect of moisturizing and protecting lips. In addition, the lipstick a woman wears also reflects her own taste. For women who love beauty, lipstick is one of the essential cosmetics. When choosing lipstick, brand is very important. There is a big difference between lipsticks from big brands and ordinary lipsticks.

Ordinary lipsticks have a single focus, such as long-lasting but not moisturizing, moisturizing but not pigmented, and pigmented but not long-lasting. Big-name lipsticks can take into account many aspects, whether it is durability, color development or moisturizing, they can all be maintained at a good level.

There are indeed big differences between big-name lipsticks and cheap lipsticks in terms of functions, product ingredients, and packaging.This refers to regular and qualified ordinary lipsticks. Some inferior lipsticks can also harm human health.

Below, I will introduce to you the top 10 latest big-name lipstick best-selling rankings. Come and find out which big-name lipsticks and which colors are the most popular this year. Each one is worth planting.

1 YSL Saint Laurent Pure Lipstick Square Tube

Prices starts at $40 to $60

Color classification: 32 colors available

Main colors: true red, true orange, bean paste color, plum color, nude color

YSL’s lipsticks are not only easy to use, but also have beautiful colors. The casing has always been a highlight. Just like YSL’s round tube, countless girls have a dream to collect a complete set. The casing of this square tube is still beautiful, with a luxurious golden mirror surface. The design, although it does not have the hollow design of the round tube, is very grand and makes it more luxurious. The four colors are all super beautiful, and each color is very representative. Even if you apply the same makeup in time and match it with lipsticks of different colors, you can still have different makeup looks. This is why one lipstick changes the overall temperament.

2. Dior intense blue gold

Prices starts at $15

Color classification: 21 colors available

Main colors: Wu Zetian color, Xingyou color, tiny red, rose red, and purple.

Speaking of Dior lipstick, I believe everyone is very familiar with it. The most famous Dior 999 is a very classic bright red and very white. It looks very good no matter what makeup it is paired with.

There has been a survey before. If girls are asked to choose only one cosmetic, most girls will choose lipstick. Because it works very well and plays a finishing touch.

If you don’t have much time to put on makeup every day, you only need to lightly apply a little lipstick, and the effect is already very good. It can highlight your temperament and make the whole person look very energetic. If you have good makeup, but without lipstick, it will look lifeless, and the entire makeup will be greatly compromised.

3. Armani red tube lipstick

Prices start at $40

Color classification: 18 colors available

Main colors: tomato red, Armani red, bright orange, strawberry red

Unrivaled color saturation and ultimate velvet texture. Whether it is the brightest and most luxurious red, purple or fuchsia, it can have both glossy and matte effects, making your lips feel like they are wearing Giorgio Armani velvet. do not have! 

4. Givenchy Lambskin lipstick

Prices start at $55

Color classification: 24 colors available

Main colors: California Red, French Red, Pomegranate Red, Holy Water Red

Lambskin outlasts many brands in terms of durability, and its color is very suitable for Asians. It doesn’t matter the skin, and many colors show whiteness and temperament! In terms of texture, it is better than many big brands. It is not as long-lasting as it is easy to remove, and it is not as easy to remove as long-lasting. Isn’t it touching? !

5. Chanel Bright Charm

Prices start at $140

Color classification: 23 colors available

Main colors: coral red, maple leaf red, light watermelon red, orange red

Of course, Chanel is also a very good choice when it comes to choosing a lipstick brand. My personal favorite is the Chanel Bright Glamor Lipstick mentioned here. Here I will share with you the test colors and reviews of some of the most popular colors at present.

6. MAC/Magic Bullet Lipstick

Prices start at $1

Color classification: 149 colors available

Main color numbers: true red 1 true orange 13 bean paste color plum color nude color

You must not buy these MAC bullets, because you won’t be able to stop buying them!

7. Estee Lauder Admiration Matte Lipstick

Prices start at $40

Main colors: Thousand Maple Leaf Color, Velvet Rose Color, Grapefruit Color, Watermelon Water Red

Innovative matte texture: metallic matte, avant-garde and fashionable, as cool and shiny as metal

When choosing lipstick, the most important thing is to choose the one that suits you best and the one that gives you the most confidence. Don’t choose expensive lipsticks, just choose the right ones.

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