“Xiaomi 14: Premium Quality, Unbeatable Price – Only $699.99

Impacting the high-end market is a plan that Xiaomi has been continuously promoting in recent years. Since the release of the Xiaomi 10 series in 2020, Xiaomi has been focusing on the high-end market, but the progress achieved has not been satisfactory.

Xiaomi Mi 10 series is the first-generation digital flagship that focuses on the high-end market. Although the sales volume has reached expectations, the product strength is still slightly lacking and there are some shortcomings. The Xiaomi Mi 11 series has achieved sales expectations, but the product has design flaws. , and ultimately suffered serious losses due to exchange of goods.

After the release of two generations of products, the Mi 12 series and the Mi 12S series, they were all affected by the decline in reputation due to the product defects of the Mi 11 series. It was not until the Mi 13 series that Xiaomi really improved in the high-end market.

At the end of October 2023, the Xiaomi 14 series was officially released. The good reputation accumulated by the Xiaomi 13 series has been fully verified by this generation of products. Xiaomi finally ushered in a major milestone victory in the high-end market.

Lei Jun also previously stated on Weibo that the continued sales of the Xiaomi Mi 14 series indicate that Xiaomi has achieved a major victory in its high-end strategy.

In terms of product performance, Xiaomi Mi 14 series has indeed been well received after its release. One month after its launch, Xiaomi Mi 14 and Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro received more than 200,000 and more than 100,000 reviews respectively on the JD.com platform, with a praise rate of 99%. 

And with the hot sales of the Xiaomi Mi 14 series, Xiaomi’s market share in the Chinese smartphone market in November reached 18.3%, becoming the first in the domestic mobile phone market. Until now, the Xiaomi Mi 14 series still maintains a very strong High heat.

The best-selling Xiaomi Mi 14 series has also stabilized the price of this generation of products. You must know that for the iPhone 15 series released by Apple, the price dropped by some distribution channels by nearly a thousand a month after it was launched. The same goes for other manufacturers’ flagship phones. The decrease is obvious.

But the Xiaomi Mi 14 series is a special case. Due to extremely hot sales, the price of this generation of products is also very stable. It has not begun to waver until recently, and now more than two months have passed since its release.

A domestic mobile phone that is not cheap has been sold at the original price for more than two months. Before this, only Huawei could do it, but now Xiaomi has become the leader among domestic high-end mobile phone brands.

Some distribution channels have lowered the prices of both Xiaomi Mi 14 series products to a certain extent. Now that the price has been officially broken, for many long-awaited Mi fans, happiness comes too suddenly and they can finally get it at a cheap price.

Xiaomi Mi 14 Leica optical lens
JingdongMonthly sales of 10,000Positive rating 98%No reason to return or exchangeJingdong delivery
¥ 3999

The author’s inquiry found that Xiaomi 14 on e-commerce channels has been reduced from the original starting price of $699.99

You must know that although Xiaomi Mi 14 is a high-end mobile phone, its profit is much lower than that of high-end mobile phones from manufacturers such as Apple, because the cost of various configurations of this mobile phone is very clear, and the hardware configuration is undoubtedly top-notch. Nothing goes wrong.

First of all, Xiaomi Mi 14 is equipped with Snapdragon 8Gen3 for the first time. This chip provides it with top performance. Then there are three Leica cameras on the rear, including the latest Light Hunter 900 custom image sensor, which provides leading imaging capabilities.

The screen of Xiaomi Mi 14 is also a new-generation flagship screen made of C8 material with extremely narrow edges. The phone also supports 90W flash charging and 50W wireless charging. The waterproof level is also the highest IP68 level. There are no shortcomings in all aspects of configuration.

It is precisely because of its excellent performance that Xiaomi Mi 14 has been sold at the original price for two months. The price stability is far higher than that of products released in the same period. However, many people also feel that maintaining the original price is not a good deal, so they have been waiting for the Xiaomi Mi 14 price to drop.

Now Xiaomi Mi 14 has finally dropped to a good price. With a starting price of  $699.99

, I believe it will attract a group of rice fans to buy this phone. However, it should be noted that this price is mainly a platform subsidy, which is not always available.

If you find that the price is higher than $699.99 when purchasing, it means that this round of subsidies has ended. So will you consider buying a Xiaomi Mi 14, which has finally been reduced in price? Welcome to comment, like, share and tell us what you think of this phone

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