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Nowadays, LED TVs become predominant all around the world due to its special features and benefits from these TVs. Many manufacturers produce and release a number of these TV sets every year with many incredible upgraded technologies. So, if you are the customers who crave for the best LED TVs suitable for your requirements, remember to digest our articles carefully!

In this review article, we will provide you guys with several fundamental details about criteria to choose the best LED TV. Not only that, we also introduce a list of best backlit TVs after researching carefully. Stay tuned!


Buying Guides

If you want to pick your best TV up, our criteria of buying guides section in terms of price range, tech-specs, etc… could help you consider, narrow your down and get the best ideal one!

1. Price range

With many TV sets available in our market now, we can easily get a LED TV with different price ranges. The more you invest in, the better quality you could experience. And, if you want to go with a larger size, you should pay more for the bonus – it’s up to your choice and preferences.

2. The term “LED” 

You may encounter the term LCD along with LED. Firstly, LCD is short for “liquid crystal display”. Technically, not only LCD TVs but also LED TVs all are liquid crystal displays technology. Therefore, in reality, LED TVs are a subcategory of LCD TVs. LEDs standing for “light emitting diodes” are not the same as general LCD TVs in that LCDs use FL (fluorescent lights) whilst LEDs apply those light emitting diodes. Added on, LED displays usually have far better picture quality. Next, they come in varying backlight configurations. In addition, some backlight configurations often generate superior image quality than others.

3. TV resolution  

4K and Ultra HD could be considered as the same things because they all refer to screen resolution and the number of pixels on the display. The more pixels have, the better, sharper, and more natural-looking the picture is. In the past, TV resolutions were terrible. Then HDTV came along, and TVs started from 307,200 pixels to 1 million pixels (720P), then to over 2 million pixels (1080P), and suddenly TV became decent.

5 years ago, with the advent of 4K, we continued from over 2 million pixels to over 8 million pixels, and we all could see what perfect really looks like. 4K standards are quite literally four times as good as old HD ones, and four times better isn’t a subtle improvement, especially if it’s a good 4K TV.  And though there’s not a huge number of 4K contents available yet (most is still on Blu-ray), content providers, nowadays, are preparing to release almost everything in 4K… Our brand new 4K TVs will be well-equipped to handle this exciting feature.

Some typical 4K LED TVs are Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED and TCL’s 5-Series QLED TV. Not only that, we have recently witnessed the rapid technology growth in the television industry with 8K technology which allows us to experience much more superb content available in the cinematic space. Some LED televisions are well-equipped with this 8K tech like Samsung Q800T QLED.

4. Refresh rate

In each LED TV, a 120 Hz refresh rate could display both cinematic content (24 Hz) and television content (60 Hz) without using judder, which makes a LCD TV operate far smoother, more natural-looking motion. In addition, a 120 Hz RR often enables less motion blur whilst enjoying sports or playing games. Some TVs with 60 Hz panels are also able to display 24 Hz content up to 48 Hz content. This feature could help prevent the  issues with judder, but some people may encounter some flickers that they wouldn’t see at 120 Hz.



Below is the list of top 3 best QLED TV deals that can meet almost all requirements: 

1. Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED TV 

Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED This could be considered as the best product from SAMSUNG compared with its other lineups so far. This device offers much impressive and superb with the “Quantum Dot” technology because this tech could let you experience images bursting with a dazzling range of over one billion colors, each upscaled to incredible clarity in a revolutionary new way thanks to our intelligent 4K processor.

Thanks to the “Ultra Viewing Angle With Anti-Glare”, this feature is designed to reduce glare and enhance color, providing a vibrant picture no matter where you sit. The performance of this Samsung Q80/80T QLED TV will make you guys extremely content since it could deliver really high picture quality with the abilities to adjust and improve contrast for deeper blacks and brighter whites. Therefore, you could have a rich cinematic experience. This display is indeed a necessary thing that you need to get for your gaming experience. In terms of “Refresh Rate”, this item is well-equipped with a 120Hz RR.

Moreover, the new FreeSync variable refresh rate application support, better response time and extremely lower input lag could be other bonuses. Its “Black Frame Insertion” feature aims to make TV remove motion blur. The built-in speakers are also so much better for experiencing the high quality sound. Soundbar Q800T delivers the ultimate 3D surround sound for your home theater with the highest level of detail, so you hear every nuance of your content with multi-dimensional clarity. Samsung manufacturers create a lot of sizes: 50″ 55″ 65″ 75″ 85″ that is up to your option.

2.  TCL’s 5-series QLED TV

TCL’s 5-Series QLED TV could provide high quality pictures and endless entertainment for your home cinematic experience. Quantum Dot technology and the HDR Pro Pack with Dolby Vision are combined for delivering better brightness and wider color volume , and  a full palette of rich colors as well. The 5-Series models’ AiPQ Engine could make use of machine-learning algorithms to enhance color accuracy and spectrum, contrast and clarity.

For gamers, “Auto Game Mode” could be readily set the game when a compatible game console is detected, game mode will be engaged automatically for the smoothest action, lowest latency and the best picture settings for gaming. Added on, “Easy Voice Control” lets you control your entertainment using just your voice. You’ll be ready to play with Auto Game Mode, which adjusts picture settings for an optimized fast-response gaming experience.

Additionally, the Roku OS could provide effortless access to your cable box, Blu-ray player, gaming console, and other devices without flipping through inputs or complicated menus. The remote with simple use about half the number of buttons on a traditional TV remote could help you in control of your favorite recreational experience.

3. Sony X950H TV          

If you possess a far wider seating area, or if you frequently watch your TV from various side angles, the Sony X950H uses an LCD panel specifically designed to create a better-looking image at wider viewing angles than most 4K LCD TVs offer. Also, it also has Sony’s superb color accuracy and video-processing capability, so it’s better than the competition at removing banding artifacts.

However, that wider viewing angle of this TV isn’t as dark as that of TCL’s 5-Series QLED TV or 8-Series (or last year’s top pick, the Sony X950G). Full array LED with local dimming could give users experience brighter highlights and detailed dark scenes, plus incredible contrast with X-tended Dynamic Range PRO 6x. Also, you don’t get HDMI 2.1 features such as automatic low latency mode to improve the gaming experience.

The Sony X950H may cost a lot more than the TCL 6-Series, but it’s available in more screen sizes—including a smaller, 49-inch size and an extensive, 85-inch size. With Google assistant, you could use your voice to control your TV and smart home devices, easily search for your favourite movies and shows


1.  Which TV is better: LCD or LED?

LED TVs use less power, create a brighter screen with far better contrast, a thinner panel, and much lesser heat dissipation, which is because an LED TV a LED (light-emitting diodes) for backlighting as compared with  the CCFLs of conventional LCD TVs.

2. How long will LED TV last?

The average lifespan of an LED at maximum or close-to-maximum brightness is 40,000 to 60,000 hours, or roughly from 4.5 to 6.9 years before you can see some visual degradation.

Final Thoughts

Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED from SAMSUNG brand could be your best ideal option with a bunch of special features such as the ability to generate high quality image frames and gaming activities.

However, you can go with TCL’s 5-Series QLED TV if you want to possess an item with a much more affordable price. This full array LED TV could absolutely help you experience the incredible  entertainment at home.

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