Nike Walking Shoes Price- Ultimate guideline

Nike Walking Shoes Price: Looking for a supportive, cushioned and comfortable pair of walking shoes? You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re commuting to work, exercising on a treadmill or enjoying an outdoor trek, comfortable walking shoes are a key part of getting your steps in. The best walking shoes are designed with underfoot cushioning, breathable mesh uppers and ample arch support to help absorb the impact of each step.

Below, check out the best walking shoes by Nike and discover which pair is right for you.

The Best Nike Walking Shoes

1. Nike Motiva

1. Nike Motiva

Nike Motiva

Based on in-depth research and feedback cycles, Nike has unveiled its newest walking sneaker: Nike Motiva. To inform the shoe conception and design, Nike scientists and designers met with more than 1,000 people whose fitness routine consisted of walking, jogging and running to better understand their footwear needs.

One of the key pieces of information that inspired the sneaker innovation? The team learned that variable pacing patterns (transitioning between walking, jogging and running throughout a workout) often result from fatigue.

This can cause discomfort and frustration — keeping people from enjoying the workout. Motivated to quell this, the team aimed to create a comfortable shoe to help make exercise more enjoyable and ultimately encourage people to keep moving.

“In designing Nike Motiva, we really went after removing distractions, addressing the discomfort that can go along with how you feel both during and after an activity,” said Emily Farina, Ph.D. in biomechanical engineering, principal researcher in the Nike Sport Research Lab. “The result is a shoe that can help reduce disruptions in your stride to make moving feel smoother.”

The Nike Motiva offers a cushioned ride with an exaggerated rocker to help provide a smooth transition from heel to forefoot with every step.

The cushioning in the midsole helps provide shock absorption as the foot hits the ground, and new ComfortGroove bumps on the outsole help make the underfoot experience even softer, compressing where and when it’s needed.

2. Nike Invincible

Nike Invincible

Nike Invincible

For a pair of comfortable shoes with maximum cushioning, check out the Invincible. The sneaker, which works for running or walking, features Nike ZoomX foam, an ultra-responsive and lightweight cushioning technology shaped like a rocker. The foam gives a snappy response once the foot hits the ground, while the wide midsole offers stability, which can help keep the foot and ankle from rolling.

The new Flyknit upper in the Nike Invincible 3 places zones of breathability where the foot heats up most. And the mesh fabric is strong and durable, helping keep feet secure with every mile.

3. Nike Infinity

Nike Infinity

Nike Infinity

With Nike React foam cushioning in the sole, the Nike Infinity sneaker is built to provide a soft and bouncy sensation with every step.

Shaped like a rocker, the foam in the sole provides support for the three phases of a runner or walker’s gait: flexibility when your foot rises off the ground, cushioning at ground contact and a smooth ride when your foot pushes off for your next step.

A wide forefoot and high foam stacks add to the comfort, roominess and plushness of the sneaker. Plus, the Flyknit upper is breathable, helping promote airflow to the feet.

If you’re searching for a slip-on walking shoe, check out the Nike React Phantom Run sneaker. Similar in construction to the Nike Infinity Run, this running and walking shoe is a laceless, slip-on style with Nike React cushioning and a Flyknit upper.

4. Nike Pegasus

Nike Pegasus

Nike Pegasus

The Pegasus is a versatile, neutral-support shoe for walkers. It’s been around for four decades, and the shoe continues to evolve, providing updated features for walkers and runners alike.

For example, the shoe now features an updated, foot-hugging midfoot band for a more secure sensation. The team also updated the inside of the shoe with an engineered circular pattern that conforms to the foot, offering a more comfortable, breathable and forgiving feeling in the toes, arch and heel.

With two Zoom Air cushioning units providing comfort and responsiveness, the shoe is well-suited for both heel strikers and forefoot strikers. For walkers who want a shoe designed for wide feet, the Pegasus also comes in an extra-wide fit.

And for those who enjoy off-road hikes, Nike makes a trail version of the Pegasus. The Nike Pegasus Trail shoe features the comfort and support you’d expect from a Pegasus running shoe but with a rubber outsole and a generative traction pattern for better grip on uneven terrain.

The size range for the Nike Pegasus includes both kids and adults, so the whole squad can rep the Pegasus when you head out for a group walk.

5. Nike Structure

Nike Structure

Nike Structure

Of all the running and walking shoes Nike offers, these offer the most stability. The crash pad, which helps absorb shock in the outsole of the shoe, creates a smooth transition from heel to toe. This provides support for those who tend to overpronate.

A Zoom Air unit in the forefoot combines with a foam midsole for a firm feeling as your foot makes contact with the ground. The durable rubber sole is built to support high mileage, which is why the Structures are also a good pick for road-running shoes.

But if you like to walk long distances or want a pair of supportive travel shoes for getting in lots of steps on vacation, the Nike Structures may be for you.

6. Nike Vomero

Nike Vomero

Nike Vomero

The Vomero running shoes are known for their premium, springy cushioning, which might be a match for walkers looking for a lightweight yet bouncy shoe. The Vomero is made with ZoomX foam and Zoom Air cushioning under the forefoot, which provides support and energy return as you walk.

The additional band at the midfoot helps secure the laces for a snug fit, and the plush tongue adds comfort. A stability clip at the heel can help keep feet extra secure.

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