Casio Watch Price | How to choose a Casio watch with a $200 budget?  Watch Buying Guide 

In the last issue, we recommended a guide to Casio watches price with a budget of $200. Friends who are interested can read ahead. 🎇~ Today Price update has compiled a buying guide for Casio watches with a budget of $200⭐~

⌚G-SHOCK series

G- SHOCK has fans of all ages, and they are inseparable from their continuous upgrading and innovation around these four elements: “structure, function, material, design”, striving to further enhance the toughness of the product.

⌚PRO TREK series

The first choice for mountaineering and camping outdoor enthusiasts has to mention the PRO TREK series, also known as Casio mountaineering series watches. Among them, PRT-B50-1 is the first PRO TREK product equipped with Bluetooth connection function, which is suitable for outdoor sports. Provide powerful functional guarantee.

⌚EDIFICE series

EDIFICE, commonly known as the heavy metal series, is based on the brand concept of “Speed ​​and Intelligence”. It is the first watch that many boys choose when they first enter the workplace. It is a watch that coexists leisure and business, tough and fashionable. .

If you want to buy a Casio watch recently, you should hurry up and take a look! 💫

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