Kids Sports Shoes Price Guides & How to choose the best Kids sports shoes? 

How to choose the best Kids sports shoes? 

After the cold winter and careful protection against the epidemic, now spring is blooming and the epidemic situation is gradually becoming clearer. Finally, the baby can run happily. If you want the baby to run freely, a pair of light and comfortable sneakers is essential. , Shoes are not like clothes, you can buy big or small and you can make do with it. Shoes that don’t fit have a great negative impact on the baby’s walking posture and leg shape.

A pair of high-quality sports shoes has the functional characteristics of being lightweight, breathable, and feels good on the feet. If the shoes are good-looking, wouldn’t it be more enjoyable for the baby to wear them! Today, Xiao Xiaozhi recommends a list of some word-of-mouth sneakers for parents to use as a reference. As 618 is approaching, a good price range is also included. They are low-priced, comfortable and good-looking. Hurry and collect them for your baby.

1-Decathlon children’s sports shoes | Prices Start at $10 to $15

There are 7 colors to choose from, and shoe sizes range from 29-39, suitable for male and female babies of different ages.

This children’s lightweight sports shoe is made of waterproof material on the upper, which will automatically form water droplets and roll off when exposed to water. Even if it rains in spring, there is no need to worry about getting the shoes wet. The shoe body is light, allowing the baby to move more freely. The design of Velcro and elastic shoelaces is easy to put on and take off, and free and casual.

2-Skechers 81319L girls Velcro sneakers | Prices Start at $15 to $20

Skechers is a well-known Korean sports brand, and its popularity on our website continues to rise. The Skechers 8130L girls’ Velcro sneakers are made of mesh material, which is light and breathable. They are especially suitable for spring and summer wear without feeling stuffy. Magic hook and loop fasteners replace traditional shoelaces, making them easier to put on and take off. Mothers no longer have to worry about their baby stepping on the shoelaces and tripping. The memory insole in the shoe fits the height of the foot curve and can relieve the pressure and fatigue on the baby’s feet during walking. It’s a good choice to wear for an outing.

3-Skechers 97858L boys’ Velcro sneakers |  Prices Starts at $10 to $15

These boys’ Velcro sneakers have the same features as the above-mentioned girls’ shoes, but they are suitable for baby boys. They have a portable Velcro design that allows babies to put on and take off easily. They have an EVA outsole that is light and comfortable, so your feet won’t get tired when running.

4-ASICS sneakers PATRIOT 1014A051  | Prices Starts at $20 to $25

ASICS is a track and field sports goods brand from Japan. These children’s sports shoes are designed with mesh fabric uppers that fit the feet, are comfortable and safe, and have soft non-slip soles that are soft and elastic.

5-NIKE Nike children’s caterpillar sneakers | Prices Starts at $25 to $30

This popular Nike Caterpillar sneaker is a series that mothers are very keen on. Its comfortable foot feel is very suitable for babies to wear when they are toddlers.

It has the advantages of light weight, soft sole, breathable upper, and easy to put on and take off. The sizes are also very complete. There are corresponding shoe sizes from infants who have just toddlers to older children who are already in elementary school. It can be said that they are a good pair of shoes that can accompany children for half of their childhood.

6-ANTA children’s basketball sneakers | Prices Starts at $20 to $40

These Anta children’s basketball sneakers have completely subverted my understanding of them. They are so good-looking. The new energy ring structure design meets the different cushioning needs of the front and rear palms. The lightweight material EVA midsole design provides cushioning and rebound, fully cushioning when landing.

The upper uses an integrated breathing mesh, which is woven with breathable holes for comfort and is cool and breathable. It is specially designed for summer training.

7-New Balance IH24 boys and girls sneakers | Prices Starts at $10 to $15

New Balance is an American sportswear brand that is also very popular. These children’s shoes use mesh uppers, which are comfortable and breathable, and the soles of the feet are fully expanded to facilitate the baby’s walking. Velcro one-leg design, easy to put on and take off, rubber outsole, non-slip and wear-resistant.

8-Pathfinder children’s outdoor sports shoes QFAG85014 | Prices Starts at $10 to $15

Pathfinder is an outdoor sports brand and has always had a good reputation. This must-have sports shoe for children in summer is made of a breathable mesh upper, which is cool and comfortable. The non-slip and shock-absorbing free sole has strong traction and is suitable for a variety of road surfaces.

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